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5308 St Andrews Place, Tsawwassen - June 2012
5308 St Andrews Place
July 2012

5275 St Andrews Place, Tsawwassen - June 2012
5275 St Andrews Place
July 2012

5245 St Andrews Place, Tsawwassen - June 2012
5245 St Andrews Place
June 2012

Under construction 45th Avenue, Ladner - Sept 20, 2011
Under construction
Sept 20, 2011
45th Avenue, Ladner

Cedar Tree Lane, Ladner - summer 2011
Cedar Tree Lane, Ladner

9A Avenue, Tsawwassen - summer 2011
9A Avenue, Tsawwassen

53A Street, Tsawwassen - spring 2011
53A Street, Tsawwassen

48A Avenue, Ladner - summer 2010
48A Avenue, Ladner

Welcome to Oliver Roofing

The roof is one of the most important parts of your home.  It's your first line of defense against the elements, plus one of the most significant aesthetic features. When it's time to reroof, you want quality workmanship to enhance the value of your most important investment.

Oliver Roofing specializes in residential asphalt re-roofing, both asphalt-to-asphalt and cedar-to-asphalt, with thirty, forty and fifty year lifetime ratings.   We take pride in offering quality workmanship at a reasonable rate. 


Phone or email today for a free quote

By now you probably know whether your roof will make it through the next winter. If it's getting time to re-roof, why not call today for a free quote. We provide a detailed quote in an easy-to-understand form. The service is free, there's no obligation. We guarantee our quotes for sixty days - but if our material prices don't change, our policy is to honour the quote for the balance of the year.

Phone: 604-376-7378


Emergency Repairs

Oliver Roofing is available for emergency repairs twelve months of the year, providing patching of asphalt, cedar, and torch-on roofs. When you need a quick fix, give us a call at 604-376-7378. We're here to help.


The Oliver Roofing System

Of paramount importance to you, the customer, is the cost of your new roof.  The first step in this process is to provide you with a fixed-price quote.  This involves both measuring and inspecting your existing roof, and discussing various options available.  A written quote is then prepared.  Where you may feel you need some time to evaluate different options, more than one quote can be prepared, allowing you time to go over the options on your own.  The quote also lists terms of payment, information on what you can expect during the construction period, and a list of previous customers along with contact numbers.

While construction is underway, cleanup is done on a daily basis.  Depending on the weather, open work areas will also be closed if there appears to be a chance the weather may change.

Work is done by directly-hired employees, and overseen by company owner Robbie Oliver.  Your roofing job is never sub-contracted to a different company.  Robbie works on the roof himself, and is always available to address any concerns you may have.

Oliver Roofing's policy is to work on one job at a time.  We do not start a second job until the first job is finished.


About Oliver Roofing

Oliver Roofing is owned and operated by Robert "Robbie" Oliver as a sole proprietorship.  Robbie has over a decade of experience in the construction industry, with the past eight-plus years exclusively in the roofing sector.  Almost all Robbie's experience in roofing has been with asphalt - hence the specialization in asphalt roofing.  He has worked on jobs ranging from heritage bungalows to large multi-unit townhouse complexes.

Oliver Roofing carries a $2 million liability insurance policy, and is registered with WorksafeBC.

Robbie is a fifth-generation member of a long-time Ladner family.  He has lived his entire life in the Ladner community, while working throughout the Lower Mainland.  He currently lives in the West Ladner area, where he is raising his two sons, Kaydon and Brodie.