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Old fashioned firewood
at old time prices.
Pick up or delivery.
Firewood Dave
Get paid to go on trips to exotic outdoor locations.  Become an outdoor writer.  nasow.com
Heirloom Photo Restoration,
Weddings & Portraits
Brechin Maclean Photography www.brechinmaclean.ca
Computer Service - Virus removal, security & more.  Reasonable rates. Ron - 604-841-8106
Good Deeds & Great Deals. Value Village, 8240 Granville Avenue, Richmond.
Russ Nugent - Your Professional Realtor.   604-946-2766
Stroke Recovery Meetings
South Arm Community Centre
Fridays 11am-1pm
Words and images that work. Design, ad copy, editing, blogs, writing.    www.typographika.ca
Dellis Rand, Barrister & Solicitor.  Probate & Administration Appli
cations.  604-952-4178
For Sale:
International 986 Tractor
New Holland 316 baler
604-328-8626 or email
"Dee" Dog Walker.
Professional dog walking in
Tsawwassen and Ladner.
Dee Livingstone - 604-943-9297
or 604-908-7899
Asphalt re-roofing, cedar-asphalt conversions.  Free estimates. 
 Oliver Roofing, Delta. 
Consider this!

There are many reasons to choose to advertise in a restaurant publication, all of which we cover in due course. But there is one main reason to choose the Village Chronicler. Readers enjoy the content.If you’re considering advertising, be sure to check out our Readers' Comments page.

Editions and Distribution Areas

There are currently two editions of Village Chronicler, Ladner-Tsawwassen and Steveston. Both editions are published bi-weekly (two weeks) on the same publication date schedule. The Ladner-Tsawwassen edition is distributed throughout most of Delta west of Highway 91, with approximately 75 locations as of December 2010. The Steveston edition is distributed throughout all of Lulu Island, from Steveston in the southwest to Queensborough Landing in the northeast. Number of locations as of December 2010 is 105. For further information, including number of copies distributed and rates, contact Wayne Oliver at 604-328-8626, or by email.

Ad Specifications

All ads are 3 inches wide. Ads are available as single ads or double ads. Single ads are 1.9375 inches high (nominal 2 inches). Double ads are 3.9375 inches high. Preferred formats are png and jpg, but most other formats are also acceptable.

The Usual Reasons:

ü  All ads have equal adjacency to the editorial area and equal width, so nobody’s ad is drowned out by the monster ad next to it.

ü  Village Chronicler is a one-colour publication.  Community newspapers are going to more and more colour, and in order to be noticed, advertisers have to go with the colour and pay the big bucks associated with it.

ü  The Village Chronicler circulation area is small, so local small businesses don’t have to pay for circulation in areas outside of their customer base area.

ü  Being circulated primarily in restaurants, the Village Chronicler is read by people when they are in a relaxing, unhurried situation.  And because it is a relatively small publication, readers can scrutinize the content in detail, including the ads.

ü  Also, because the Village Chronicler is circulated primarily in restaurants, readers may only be a few steps from your place of business when they see your ad.

ü  Advertising in the Village Chronicler is an inexpensive avenue for branding, or making your market niche known.

ü  Village Chronicler regularly includes contests that require readers to scrutinize both the editorial content and the ads.


ü  Issues of the Village Chronicler are downloadable from our Recent Issues page for six weeks from date of publication or three issues, whichever is greater.  For many dedicated readers this makes missed issues of the Village Chronicler available.  For advertisers it means increased circulation.

ü  Advertising in the current issue gets you a free link from this website.

ü  Circulation by email increases with every issue of the Village Chronicler, which again means greater circulation for your ad.

More Information

For information on rates and publication schedules, contact Wayne Oliver at 604-328-8626.

Go to Oliver Roofing webpage